Research activities

My research focuses on the relationships between rock rheology and lithosphere dynamics, especially on the role of ductile rheology for the process of strain localization. My main investigations cover crust and mantle deformations through structural geology - mainly focusing on micro-structural features via EBSD analyses - and deformation experiments that all aim at improving our knowledge of the lithosphere mechanics. This goal is motivated by a fundamental interest and a desire to contribute to a better understanding of our tectonic environment, which shapes the surface of the solid earth.

Most of my contributions concern micro-structural investigations in the Ronda peridotites (Betics, Spain) and Naxos granite (Cyclades, Greece), but also the recent development of a new rock deformation lab devoted to the solid-medium Griggs-type apparatus. Based on the piston-cylinder technology, this technique is an easy-access facility that offers the capacities to deform any material at temperatures (20-1300 °C) and pressures (0-5 GPa) of the whole lithosphere.